Great British Food Festival, Kelmarsh Hall : Cookery Demo

Hello everyone! Wow, this weather has been absolutely amazing! There was a moment, when I briefly complained, but quickly realised I was going to jinx away this amazing sunshine by talking such utter nonsense! Thank you to all who came to my cookery demo yesterday with the ladies at Mon Amie. I covered all things [...]

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Easy, Delicious Greek Summer Dishes!

Hello All! Here are the recipes for all the dishes I demonstrated at The Barn today, with the lovely ladies at Mon Amie. I really hope you give all these recipes a try, as they are brilliant summer dishes and are especially perfect if you are trying to cut back on meat, and want to [...]

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Make a Cake Healthy…Baking Tips

First of all, thank you to all the lovely ladies who showed up to my cookery demo with the lovely ladies at Mon Amie Living in their fab new location, The Barn. As promised, here are just a few of the healthier baking tips, I promised, for making your cake not as rich or calorific, [...]

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The Tasty Kitchen presents…The Cookery Demo

Hello All! I am always excited when I start planning my next round of cookery classes, but I am especially excited about the next big thing planned for the cookery school. The idea came to mind when I was watching my favourite channel, Good Food – I know what you’re thinking, ‘that is your favourite [...]

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Lemon & Courgette Poppy Seed Cake

This is a lovely, moist cake, and believe it or not, a healthier option when you have a bit of a sweet tooth – which basically is all of us!! 350-400 grams grated courgette (about 2 medium courgette) 150 grams honey 2 medium eggs 120 mls low fat yoghurt 130 mls vegetable oil 200 grams [...]

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